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Simrad ES80

The Simrad ES80 is the fifth generation professional split-beam fish finder for the world wide fishing community.

The latest innovations in computer and signal processing technology are used to create a sophisticated, but also intuitive, echo sounder. It can operate with operational frequencies ranging from 10 to 500 kHz. With a suitable transducer, the ES80 can use frequency sweeps ("chirps") across a range of frequencies.


This screen capture shows the Simrad ES80 set up for a close inspection of fish close to the bottom. A small school is placed in the zoom window. The capture is kindly provided by Aegean Electronics, Greece.

Key features

  • Split beam operation
  • FM (linear) and CW pulse forms
  • Large dynamic range
  • Low self noise
  • High ping rate
  • Simultaneous transmission of all frequencies
  • Several transceivers can run simultaneously
  • Wide band frequency sweep ("chirp") in combination with advanced signal processing gives an exceptionally good echo quality
  • Define and save your own user settings
  • Easy operation with intuitive user interface
  • Clear and easily comprehensive echo data


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