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HiPAP 352 - High Precision Acoustic Positioning System

HiPAP 352 is developed to provide the market's best accuracy where HiPAP 502 extreme accuracy and long-range capabilities are not required. With our unique transducer array, measuring only 320 mm in diameter (smaller than HiPAP 502), the HiPAP 352 can be used with all existing HPR gate valves.

Typical applications

The HiPAP 352 is developed for use in situations where positioning is within a sector of +/- 60 degrees below the vessel, but will also perform outside this sector at some reduced accuracy and range capability. This level of functionality makes the HiPAP 352 ideal for drill-rigs, ROV tracking and dynamic positioning reference. It is also ideal for other operations where the underwater positioning is relatively directly below, and where extreme accuracy, shallow water horizontal positioning and ultra deep performance are not required.

Acoustic beam pointing control

The HiPAP 352 uses the unique technology of narrow pointing beams. This minimizes the effect of noise from propellers and thrusters. This technology gives the system maximum signal-to-noise ratio, and is the major key to successful acoustic performance.

HiPAP 352 - ideal for HPR upgrades

The HiPAP 352 system is without question the ideal solution for upgrading of older HPR systems. With its small diameter, the HiPAP 352 transducer can be used with all HPR system gate valves, and may also be installed on the existing hull units to replace the HPR transducer. The upgrade is limited to a minimum of cabling and work.


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