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Decarbonisation by design

Stricter IMO emissions regulations are challenging ship owners and operators. Our cutting-edge products, services, and integrated solutions improve efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and protect the environment. We have decades of experience in customer collaboration and research spanning the entire maritime domain. Our equipment, installed on more than 33,000 vessels and accounting for one-third of the global fleet, underpins our dedication, reliability, and constant innovation.

Autonomous technology for cleaner, leaner operations

Our work in autonomous shipping is electrifying the maritime industry. The technology behind the Yara Birkeland project points to a cleaner future

Embracing future fuel and wind assist technology

Tärntank will have the world's lowest emission tanker ships, thanks to Kongsberg Maritime technology and integration expertise

Refits that cut emissions by 20% or more in aging vessels

In a five-month refit project, we cut carbon emissions on Hurtigruten’s oldest passenger vessels by 23%
"We foresee a future where operations at sea are sustainable and greenhouse gas neutral, with Kongsberg Maritime technology being at the forefront of this transition"
Lisa Edvardsen Haugen , President, Kongsberg Maritime

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