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Kognitwin Grid


  • Increased Grid Utilization

  • Optimized Investments

  • Improved reliability

  • Democratized Data

As the energy system is facing an influx of intermittent, distributed and renewable energy and a sharp increase in electrification we are developing the tool that our power grid operators enable and accelerate the energy transition.

As a digital twin service, Kognitwin provides insight and forecasts to identify grid bottlenecks, simulate grid scenarios and optimize grid investments.

Kognitwin Grid is developed by Kongsberg Digital in close collaboration with the industry and research partners giving you a complete insight into your grid.

Why choose Kongberg Digital

With years of experience and domain knowledge, Kongsberg Digital is a global and solid technology provider. Together with our team of experts, we serve leading energy companies with innovative solutions to unlock maximum value. Here are some reasons why Kongsberg Digital is the ideal partner for digitalization in heavy asset industries.

Why choose Kongsberg Digital

"Why grid companies must act now to keep up with the energy transition"

FREE WEBINAR 📆 Marianne Blikø, Growth Manager Utilities, will present how digitalization can be an enabler for improved predictions and grid investments. Are you looking into optimizing these areas? If so, this session is for you.

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"How Digital Twins Enable Flexible Grid Operations"

FREE WEBINAR 📆 Edda Abelvik-Engmark, Customer Success Manager for Utilities, Kongsberg Digital presents the key industry trends that challenge current operations and how the Utilities market can address these upcoming demands. Join this webinar and learn more about what is a digital twin for distribution grids, and how this technology enables flexible operations that support.

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Enhancing traditional and enabling new tools in the DSO toolbox

  • Through insight and analytics Kognitwin Grid will enhance the value of the traditional DSO tools available. With time and as flexibility behind-the-meter becomes more relevant, the twin will also enable DSOs to take full advantage of a new powerful tool in their toolbox.

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  • Lasse Jamt
    Vice President Renewables & Utilities
  • Marianne Blikø
    Growth Manager Utilities