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Delivering Net Zero through Digital Twins

Our dynamic digital twin – Kognitwin® Energy – is a virtual representation of an industrial facility and its behavior. By providing an accurate overview of energy assets, the digital twin enables efficiency, reduction of emissions and acceleration of the energy transition.

Our digital twin provides open access to all data from the asset in one place through a simple virtual interface, with customisable analytics. The insights enable companies to meet their Net Zero commitments by reducing emissions from traditional energy uses and improving the economics of greener energy sources.

Transparent and accurate ESG reporting with Emissions Worksurface

Reporting Emissions performance for Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) analysis is a challenge for companies who do not have accessible or quantifiable sources of the required data. Kongsberg Digital Emissions Worksurface gathers all relevant data in one single interface for reporting and, through hybrid machine learning, provides algorithms to better measure and optimise the emissions performance of an asset with short time-to value. This transparency in measuring, reporting and reducing your emissions allows enhanced investor ESG analysis and stakeholder communication, improving shareholder value.

Enabling new sustainable energies

Supporting the energy transition, Kognitwin Energy contextualizes a full range of assets, ranging from hydrogen to CCS, Emissions Management, Offshore Wind and Electrification. At this context, the digital twin helps improve the economics and viability of these in low margin environment. Kognitwin Energy in that sense enables a greener way to produce the energy the world needs.

End-to-end carbon transparency

As industry adopts digital twin as its working surface of the future, it becomes the single source of truth for all information including emissions. Kognitwin Energy enables CO2 emissions tracking across value chain and carbon-conscious consumer enablement that offers transparency to customers and ESG. Through Carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility modeling, Kognitwin Energy, offers measurement, tracking and visibility of capture and storage, enabling collaboration and optimization across the value chain.

Improved energy efficiency

Kognitwin Energy offers applications for energy management that assess, analyze and decide on energy use. The digital twin helps users to optimize and lower facility energy consumption and enables production stabilization through reliable improvements that lead to more consistent energy and so production.

Reduced emissions in supply chain operations

Through Kognitwin Energy, emissions can be identified and communicated. Optimized Supply Chain Management along the supply chain reduces associated emissions. As the digital twin technology scales, the overall carbon footprint can be accurately measured and decreased.

Digitalization in the Energy Transition

In the Energy Industry, specifically Oil and Gas, we began hearing more about the energy transition, the need to drive down cost and optimize energy production, including renewable technologies. How and why we continue to transform the industry through digitalization?

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How digital twins enable the green shift

In this on-demand webinar session, Brian Carey, Strategic Growth Director at Kongsberg Digital, shares perspectives on energy transition and how digitalization and digital twin addresses industry challenges while supporting the green shift.

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Open, data-driven and scalable, the dynamic digital twin delivers a rich framework for advanced digitalisation and analytics that enables performance optimization and fast-track digitalisation.