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Navigation & Ship handling

Recognised as the world’s most advanced Ship’s Bridge Simulator, K-Sim Navigation is engineered to train best practices and build competencies even for the most demanding operations. The simulator offers safe, professional and highly realistic training, covering everything from basic ship handling and navigation skills to advanced integrated team training, preparation for combat, maritime security missions, or other extreme scenarios where instinctive reaction is crucial.

K-Sim Navigation exceeds the existing IMO STCW requirements and is approved by Det Norske Veritas’ (DNV-GL) Standard for Certifications No. 2.14, Maritime Simulator Systems, January 2011. K-Sim Navigation is today used and highly valued by customers worldwide, including several navies and coast guards.


KONGSBERG is dedicated to making simulation products available to as many users as possible. Widely recognized as the world’s most flexible simulators that can be configured from a PC desktop solution to full mission tactical simulators. With a full range of simulation systems available, KONGSBERG has cost-effective solutions to fit every requirement and budget. Systems have the embedded capability to be expanded at any time, with additional instruments, workstations or real ship equipment. K-Sim Navigation can also be equipped with a motion platform for ultimate realism in ship behavior in high seas and severe weather.

The system’s unique modular design allows expansion, with additional instruments, panels and workstations at any time. Integrating K-Sim Navigation with the engine room simulator, K-Sim Engine, and Radar/ARPA, ECDIS, Dynamic Positioning simulators in addition to PROTEUS tactical trainers for complete naval team training is proven and affordable. The interface possibilities with the PROTEUS tactical trainer through DIS or HLA, enables integrated warship training enhancing combat skills, naval warfare tactics and decision making vital for naval crews preparing for extreme operations.


K-Sim Navigation is designed to provide incredibly realistic physical behaviour and ultimate accuracy in all aspects of navigation, ship handling and tactical operations. Lessons learned on the simulator are transferrable to situations in real life. An extensive library of detailed geographical training areas and advanced hydrodynamic own ships, target vessels and objects are available to create the perfect learning environment. The advanced 3D visual system presents the most realistic visualisation of exercise areas and vessel behaviour as well as sea state and weather conditions. The realism, detail, depth perception, motion and ability to recreate all conditions experienced at sea both day and night, makes K-Sim Navigation ideal for training as well as for R&D studies in vessel design and port development.


To prepare, control and monitor the exercise, K-Sim Navigation is provided with a user-friendly instructor system. The K-Sim Navigation Instructor Station offers complete control of the students’ environment. It controls and monitors a wide range of parameters, including: time of day, wind conditions, fog, rain, snow, sea state, machinery/sensor faults, alarms and worst-case scenarios, programmed repeatable series of events and on-the-fly stressors.

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Training Provided

The K-Sim Navigation simulator enables training at any level both for cadets and officers. Whether training a group of individuals into a cohesive team or existing teams from various agencies into a coordinated force, K-Sim Navigation provides instructors with the tool to reach their training objectives for scenarios such as:

  • Basic and Advanced Ship Handling
  • Tactical Manoeuvres
  • Navigation including ECDIS
  • Tactical Communication
  • Search & Rescue
  • Replenishment at Sea
  • Formation Sailing/Convoy
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Basic and Advanced Riverine Interception
  • Border Patrol
  • Combat Tactics
  • Team Tactics and Firearms Proficiency
  • Mission Planning
  • Stern Door ‘Marriage’
  • Flag Signalling
  • RHIB Launch and Recovery
  • Towing
  • Celestial Navigation
  • SOP/TTP Training
  • Rehearsal of Concept