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Naval Engineering

Over the past four decades, KONGSBERG has supplied high-fidelity engine room simulators to Naval customers all over the world. The portfolio ranges from generic engine room models for understanding system functions and operations, to customised replicas of propulsion plants in specific navy vessels, offering 1:1 familiarisation for naval engineers.


In order to teach engineers the complex behavior of an engine, K-Sim Engine simulators enable high quality training in every aspect, from single sub- and auxiliary systems to the overall running of the entire engine room. Covering both ordinary and extraordinary training situations, naval engineers are given the possibility to learn and practice daily procedures, economy optimizing and vital skills crucial for handling abnormal situations and emergencies.


All engine room simulator models are dynamic real-time process simulators of high fidelity, built on real engines physics. This means that all sequences will automatically be in proper order and duration, regardless of the operational condition, which is important to gaining a real understanding of the processes.


K-Sim Engine can be delivered as a customized full mission operational simulator, or installed on PC desktops for classroom training. While the desktop system is ideal for engineering and process studies, the full mission system supports team- and operational training by offering the physical familiarity of an Engine Room, an Engine Control Room and an Instructor Room.

K-Sim Engine has a unique modular design enabling expansion of the system at any time, with additional engine room models, fixed or touch screen panels and displays, workstations and complete integrated engine rooms. Additionally K-Sim Engine can be integrated to the K-Sim Navigation ship’s bridge simulator for complete team training or connected to KONGSBERG’s real vessel control systems, which gives a new level of realism.


KONGSBERG’s latest innovation within K-Sim Engine, is the cost-effective BigView system, a software-based schematic mimic display with 3D pop-up windows on touch screens. BigView provides full size simulation with the flexibility to mimic many engine room configurations and to easily work throughout the engine room and operate the equipment within a virtual environment.


The monitoring, assessment and configuration tool for our K-Sim Engine has been designed to enhance the quality of simulation training by providing complete, intuitive and user-friendly control of exercises. It enables the instructor to develop customised exercise modules for individuals or teams and to monitor, review and fully control the exercise before replay, debrief and assessment of the exercise.

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Training provided

K-Sim Engine enables training at any level both for beginners and experienced specialists. Crew and officers can learn a vast array of skills thanks to the pedagogical values and high fidelity realism available in the system.

Basic Operational Training:

  • Preparing for getting underway
  • Manoeuvring to open sea
  • Steady steaming
  • Approaching harbour
  • Finished with engine
  • Operation of auxiliary boilers
  • High Voltage
  • LNG Bunkering

Advanced Operational Training:

  • Failures, diagnosis and emergencies
  • Team training
  • Crisis management
  • Restoring the engine to normal operation

Economy and Optimisation Studies:

  • Judging performance of various components
  • Combustion performance
  • Control loop optimising
  • Heat balance/recovery
  • Sub systems influence on fuel economy
  • Variable pitch
  • External conditions

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