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K-Sim® DP Manoeuvering, Dynamic Positioning Simulator

The most advanced level of simulators used for DP training, is K-Sim DP, Manoeuvring, which is a full mission type. It is designed to meet the requirements for sea-time reduction courses and demanding offshore vessel operations.

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Training objectives

K-Sim DP, Manoeuvring simulators are designed to support operations, to test procedures, increase competence and to minimize errors, therefore reducing the amount and ultimately the cost of incidents during DP operation. 

Examples of offshore operations that can be realistically simulated are:

  • Close proximity ship handling in offshore areas, e.g. platform support vessels approach to platforms, buoys and FPSOs
  • Realistic offshore loading such as buoy loading, tandem loading and tug assistance
  • Offshore operations; supply-, construction- and dive support vessels etc.
  • Semi-submersible/drilling vessel station keeping with use of DP during drilling operations
  • Emergency manoeuvring

Equipment and Configuration

The full mission system is a manoeuvring simulator with up to 360° surrounding visual scene including a dual redundant K-Pos configuration fully integrated to the KONGSBERG ship handling or offshore vessel simulator. Bridge equipment, Radar/ARPA and ECDIS systems are all included, and a planning station for presentation of field maps is available. The simulator layout comes in two different standard set-ups, aft bridge and forward bridge.

For the ultimate realism in training, the K-Sim DP, Manoeuvring simulator can be fully integrated with KONGSBERG position reference systems and third party products, as well as various bridge equipment found onboard different offshore vessels.


The instructor will be able to guide the students when operating the DP system. The built in simulator offers realistic responses to the operations initiated by each student.

Simulated DP Vessels

KONGSBERG DP simulators provide training for most types of DP vessels and configurations including:

  • Supply vessel
  • Shuttle tanker
  • Drillship
  • Semi submersible drilling unit
  • Customer specific ship models with corresponding DP and hydrodynamic models