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Kognifai - Unlock the value of your data

At KONGSBERG we have chosen to have an open ecosystem to make it easy to add and integrateapplications from partners and customers alike - providing even more business value to all parties involved.

At KONGSBERG we want to help you to unlock the value of your data.

Kognifai, our digital platform, combines high quality data, technology and domain knowledge to enable rapid generation of insights and innovation.

Kognifai offers technology components that allow you to:

  • Capture & aggregate quality data from sensors and assets on the edge and other business systems
  • Transfer data from the edge to the cloud in a secure and reliable fashion
  • Create visualizations, generate insights through the application of machine learning and process simulations
  • Integrate with other platforms and systems
  • Create solutions that help you make better decisions and solve real-world problems

Kognifai is an open ecosystem and we welcome contributions, applications and integrations with 3rd parties.