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Optimize and manage your operations

Kongsberg Digital’s solutions for the energy sector enable your organization to optimize and manage your operations. From design to end-of-life of your assets, we help you increase safety, reduce costs, and save time on land, under water, and offshore.

Kognitwin Energy

Beyond the visuals - new technology, new benefits, digitalization at scale

Kognitwin Energy

SiteCom® - Real time Drilling

Having the right information available at all stages of well construction helps to minimise non-productive time and reduce HSE incidents, both critical in improving cost-efficiency exploration environments.

SiteCom - Real-Time Drilling

K-Spice Dynamic Process Simulation

Dynamic process simulation helps prepare for plant start-up and optimal operation and improves efficiency in all project phases, reducing cost and saving time.

K-Spice - Process Simulation

LedaFlow - Flow Assurance

Your challenge is to ensure the continuous transport of oil and gas from the reservoir to the processing facilities in the safest, most economical and environmentally friendly manner. The LedaFlow advanced transient multiphase flow simulation software in wells, flowlines and processing facilities is an invaluable tool to help you accomplish this.

LedaFlow - Flow Assurance

Rig Manager

Rig Manager® improves the overall control and efficiency of daily operations and the management of drilling vessels.

Rig Manager

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