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Diversity and innovation in the workplace

As an international industrial software company working at the cutting edge of technology development, we see how important diversity is in the workplace – because diversity generates innovation.

Diversity relates to characteristics ranging from ethnicity, gender, culture, competence, mindset, background and so on. In a diverse working environment people have different life experiences and backgrounds, which means they have different approaches to their ideas at work and bring unique perspectives to challenges.

At Kongsberg Digital, we believe that is crucial for development. In our organization, we have people from over 20 different nationalities. Even though our headquarters are in Asker, Norway, half of our employees work in locations around the world. This brings a lot of different backgrounds, viewpoints and cultures into the workplace, which we see as beneficial to our organization. By working together on new solutions and collaborating with people in a diverse environment, we take many perspectives into account and we solve problems we might have been too close to the issue to solve on our own. Diversity, in that sense, is an intrinsic benefit in business.

Martine L'Orsa
Talent Acquisition Manager