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Simrad SA50 fits the bill for ORC Fastnet recommendations

ISAF Offshore Special Regulations Category 2 will apply for the Rolex Fastnet Race 2005, which starts in August. For the 41st running of this ocean classic, the Special Regulations recommend that a Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) should be carried in each yacht's grab bag to accompany life rafts.

Choosing the most suitable SART has been made much easier for teams with the release of the Simrad SA50, which is officially the smallest and lightest SART on the market. Launched to the public at London Boat Show 2005, the SA50 builds on Simrad's expertise in the GMDSS safety arena gained from the hugely successful AXIS range of VHF radios.

Understanding that a SART, in the best case scenario is never used and only ever used in the worse case, Simrad has designed the SA50 to be as convenient to stow as possible. Using sophisticated circuit design, battery technology and housing materials, the company has developed a SART that is just 235mm high with a 78mm diameter, weighing in at just 330g (without bracket). The SA50 can be stowed in less space, which is an important consideration, especially on ocean going race yachts.

Conventional SARTs use lithium batteries that are subject to complex transport rules but the Simrad SA50 meets the operational requirements using a battery pack, which is classified as non-hazardous. This makes battery replacement less costly, reducing the total cost of SART ownership.

"SART spends 99.9% of the time stowed away, in the case of the Fastnet, in the life raft grab bag, so space is a great issue," comments Dave Sheekey, Product Manager of the Simrad plant in Margate where the SA50 was developed. "Though small and light, the SA50 is fully functioning and incredibly reliable. It won't let you down when you depend on it and our choice of battery not only lowers ownership costs, but provides comparable, if not better live-time than other SARTs available."

The SA50 is available from all Simrad dealers. Visit for further information.