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Dynamic positioning system redundancy principle

A dynamic positioning system is a system that automatically controls a vessel’s position and heading exclusively by use of active thrust.

Three configurations

Our dynamic positioning systems may be installed in single, dual or triple configurations, depending on the level of redundancy required. A single DP control system provides no redundancy. A dual or two-computer system provides redundancy and auto-changeover if the online system fails. A triple modular redundancy system is fault-tolerant,  providing an extra element of security and an opportunity for 2-out-of-3 voting.

  • Single system - non redundant
  • Dual system providing - master/slave redundancy
  • Triple system providing triple - modular redundancy (TMR) and majority voting

Availability and safety

The level of redundancy depends on the equipment class selected by the vessel. Redundancy increases the availability and through that the operational safety.

Available Dynamic positioning systems