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CA Clase Marinelektronik AB

Gothenburg, Sweden

General Inquiries

Ruskvådersgatan 8 418 34 Gothenburg Sweden

Acoustic Positioning Systems

Acoustic Telemetry Systems

Autonomous underwater vehicles - Hugin

Autonomous underwater vehicles - Munin

Autonomous underwater vehicles - Remus

Echosounder - multibeam

Echosounder - single-beam

Hydrographic systems

Sonar - sidescan

Sonar - single-beam

Subbottom profiler


Mikael Ringdal

Gunnar Janssen

Anders Havner

AUV - Remus

Echo sounders

GeoAcoustics side scan - sub bottom profiler multibeam echosounder

Sonar - multibeam and scanning

Sonar - side scan

Subbottom profiler

Underwater navigation and systems