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The use of dynamic positioning units has increased by nearly sevenfold in last 10 years. This dramatic increase has been driven by deepwater offshore activities and DP technology advancements. The operational safety of DP units has also been continuously improved over the years. However, the expansion of DP application both in numbers and in range of activities now presents challenges. One of the major challenges is the human factor and particular the on board DP skills and DP experience.

To make sure that the DP operators on board are trained to the best possible standard, Kongsberg Maritime operates the DP CAP™ DPO training concept and has also developed the "Onboard Training System" (OTS).

The aim of both concepts is to offer the most valuable, realistic and practical on board training tools for DP operators.


The DP CAP™ on board training system for DP operators was from the beginning a JIP with Teekay, Kongsberg Maritime, SMSC (now part of Kongsberg Maritime), and Global Maritime. The system allows the operators to use any idle time the vessel may have to train Dynamic Positioning under realistic conditions on the oil field, or elsewhere on their own vessel's systems.

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Onboard Training System (OTS)

Offshore vessels are continuously growing in size and complexity, and recruiting deck officers with the necessary skills and experience is proving more and more difficult. Training in onshore simulators is being used to improve maneuvering skills. Kongsberg Maritime now makes it possible to move this technology on to the actual vessel, enabling training on simulated operations onboard your own vessel. The patented innovation is named, the Onboard Training System (OTS) and is developed in close cooperation with Simon Møkster Shipping AS with support from Innovation Norway.

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