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APOS Survey Course, Remote

The course will be conducted remotely with online live instructor through Video conferencing, and the participants will be given access to individual generic APOS Survey Software. 

After the course, the successful participants are able to:

  • Identifying what APOS/HiPAP system the vessel has and its software
  • Understanding how the APOS survey interacts with the vessel system
  • Premobilisation check with the vessel crew
  • Interfacing the Survey APOS with the vessel
  • ASI Program (APOS Survey Interface)
  • Safety check with the DP system
  • Staring a project
  • Blue Marble Geodetic menu
  • Adding sensors to APOS Survey
  • Fast track
  • Position averaging and box-ins
  • Adding ROV cPAP transceiver and LBL using
  • Additional QA/QC menus


Client representatives, surveyors, survey engineers, party chief.


Should have a basic knowledge of survey and subsea acoustic. A computer installed with MS Windows 7 or 10 and Microsoft Teams. 


To have the best outcome of the course, you should have access to a PC with a Monitor of minimum 22” or a lap-top with an additional monitor is recommended.  

Systems recommended are:

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
  • A webcam or HD webcam - built-in or USB plug-in


APOS Survey - Remote


The course will be arranged in the Time Zone of the geographical location listed for the course. To pinpoint the Time Zone of the host location, click to open Time Zone Converter.

Please contact  to set up your preferred date. 

Scheduled Courses

Courses with future dates

  • Date Duration Subject Location Price
  • 01 Feb 22—01 Feb 22 1 day APOS Survey Course, Remote Aberdeen GBP 550.00 Book
  • 08 Mar 22—08 Mar 22 1 day APOS Survey Course, Remote Aberdeen GBP 550.00 Book

E-Learning courses

No e-learning courses are currently scheduled.