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Art of Assessment Course

The Art of Assessment is a training course for Maritime Teaching Professionals and Maritime Simulator Instructors. This 4 days training course is based on IMO Model Course 6.10 and gives knowledge and understanding of the concept of assessment and how assessment is necessary to enhance the learning process and to certify the competence of the learner. After the course, the successful participant has achieved a understanding of Competence-based Training and Assessment of Learners. The objective includes design of assessment, assessment briefing, monitoring, de-briefing and feedback and assessment methods.

Themes in the course are:

  • What is assessment and why do we assess
  • What types of assessment
  • How do we assess
  • How do we design an assessment
  • Assessing


Maritime instructors and Maritime Simulator Trainers and Assessors.


In order to fully benefit from this course, the participants should have some experience in conducting training. The participants should have completed Training Course for Instructors based on IMO Model Course 6.09 or a similar programme in which the underlying concepts and the principles of the pedagogical processes are dealt with.


Art of Assessment

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