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K-Sim Navigation Workshop Vessel model porting

After the workshop, the participants will be able to porting of customer-produced navigation ownship and target vessel models. The porting will be from the K-Sim® Polaris platform to the Spirit platform used for K-Sim® Navigation.

Maritime Simulator Operators and Maritime Simulator Technical personnel or other personnel that are familiar with making Polaris models.

In order to fully benefit from this course, the participants should have experience in operating on K-Sim® Navigation. A general knowledge of 3D tools is an advantage.

The K-Sim Navigation Workshop –Vessel model porting delivers knowledge and understanding of the process and the use of tools to port vessel models to K-Sim Navigation.

Themes in the course are:

  • Porting workflow and modelling concepts
  • Use of Virtual Modelling Tool (VMT)
  • Model structure and standard configuration
  • Model deployment
  • Model testing and validation in K-Sim® Navigation


K-Sim Navigation Workshop


Scheduled Courses

Courses with future dates

  • Date Duration Subject Location Price
  • 04 May 20—08 May 20 5 days K-Sim Navigation Workshop Vessel model porting Horten Maritime Simulation NOK 25000.00 Book
  • 01 Jun 20—05 Jun 20 5 days K-Sim Navigation Workshop Vessel model porting Kongsberg Digital Simulation Inc USD 2999.00 Book

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