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K-Sim Navigation Operator Course 1

New users of K-SIM Navigation and Offshore Simulators will learn how to operate the instructor station and the different functions and panels available on the simulated bridge.


Instructors at maritime colleges and training centres with K-SIM Navigation and Offshore Simulators installed.


Following topics will be covered:

-The philosophy of K-SIM Navigation
-Using the instructor station
-Creating an exercise
-Communication; demonstration and Practice


Qualified nautical lectures with some experience in the use of navigation or ship handling simulators. General background in the use of Windows-based applications.


K-Sim Navigation Operator course 1

All scheduled courses are cancelled in the foreseeable future due to the COVID virus and the uncertainties of the global travel restrictions. Please contact us directly at you are interested in attending such a course, and we will look at any available options.

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