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DNVGL DPO Start Course

This course is designed to enable prospective DPOs to achieve the knowledge, understanding and skills required to operate the DP desk and associated equipment. Candidates will also be taught how to carry out detailed planning and execution of all aspects of various DP Operations and how to relate and react to alarms and warnings. This is achieved through in-depth exercises on a DP simulator.

By the end of the course the student shall have:
- Acquired a thorough knowledge of the practical aspects of DP operations.  
- The capability to plan and conduct any DP operation, including risk assessment, contingency planning and assessment of vessel capability. 
- The ability to undertake any operation with due regard to all circumstances of seamanship and operational requirements.  
- The ability to react correctly to any circumstances which constitute or could lead to a catastrophic failure.

The practical training exercises are carried out on  aDNVGL class A or B simulator. There will be a maximum of 3-4 trainees on each desk to provide for maximum hands on training.


DPO Preparation or NI approved DP Induction course.


DPO Start

Until further notice, the courses will be run with restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

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