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Non-Differential Position Sensors - DPS i2 & DPS i4


By the introduction of DPS i2 and DPS i4, KONGSBERG fuses decades of experience within GNSS and inertial technology in order to create a fully scalable and future-proof reference solution with emphasis on operational efficiency for Dynamic Positioning - DP applications.

Sensor Fusion

DPS i2 and DPS i4 integrate KONGSBERG’s unique motion gyro compass (MGCTM) and motion reference unit (MRUTM) technology. MGC provides INS functionality, and a solution with MRU offers an optimal integration of multi GNSS and inertial sensors, which will ensure high availability and integrity of the position solution. When choosing MGC as the inertial sensor, a high-quality WheelMark gyro compass with no scheduled maintenance, will be a part of the solution. In addition, MGC can serve other on-board systems with attitude data.

As DPS i2 utilizes GPS and GLONASS, DPS i4 adds Galileo and Beidou to supported GNSS systems.

Increased operational efficiency

Inertial technology combined with the latest multi-constellation GNSS technology enables a cost efficient and reliable position reference solution, where no additional augmentation service is required. Still DPS i2 and DPS i4 are fully capable to utilize differential corrections and SBAS services where required. With the ready-to-use possibility of remote service and diagnostics, the DPS i2 and DPS i4 product line is a true solution for the future, benefiting from the KONGSBERG global support service. Cases that previously required a visit from a service engineer, may now be resolved remotely.


A growing concern is the possibility to spoof and jam available GNSS signals. The DPS i-Series has in-built functionality for spoofing and jamming detection and mitigation. This sophisticated functionality ensures a positioning reference the vessel operator can trust throughout the entire operation.   


The flexible design of the DPS i2 / DPS i4 product line ensures a scalable and expandable reference solution that can adapt to the specific requirements of any vessel. For the more demanding applications, a combination of DPS i2, DPS i4 and MRU/MGC sensors will, in addition to redundancy, enable precise heading determination and spoofing detection capabilities. DPS i2 / DPS i4 may utilize existing or dedicated MGC or MRU sensors for the integration.

Motion Gyro Compass

Adaptive operational environment

DPS i2 and DPS i4 have the same intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface as the recognized KONGSBERG DPS series, developed in close co-operation with experienced DP operators. The HMI (Human-Machine Interface) enables the operators to assess the quality of their positioning quickly and effectively during operation. Multiple layers of information give the DP operator unmatched opportunities for a customized, operation-specific visual presentation.


  • Sensor fusion


Our Non-Differential Position Sensors has received the following awards:

Kongsberg Maritime has won Offshore Support Journal Dynamic Positioning Award for the work on the integrated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning solution, DPS i2 and DPS i4.
The state-of-the-art DPS i-Series Differential Positioning System has won the ‘Innovative Dredging Technology of the Year’ category at the Dredging and Port Construction Awards 2018.

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