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Permanent magnet tunnel thruster

The TT-PM is engineered and built with focus on reliability and efficiency. The core mechanical technology is well proven and verified through rigorous design processes, quality control, testing and verification.

Reliable, efficient and low through life cost

The Permanent magnet tunnel thruster (TT-PM) is our latest tunnel thruster design and has been engineered with reliability and through life costs as the focus. Using permanent magnet motor technology increases efficiency and makes the installation more compact, only the variable frequency drive unit is housed in the thruster room, freeing up space on board.

It also simplifies maintenance as the patented mount means units can be removed and replaced without drydocking. PM thrusters are currently available in two sizes with powers of 1,000 and 1,600 kW. These thrusters have been developed for the most demanding applications such as dynamic positioning.


Key features

  • Efficient and space saving PM technology
  • Fast response times to full power
  • Rugged design with high reliability
  • Equal thrust in both directions
  • Patented resilient mounting system reduces noise and vibration, simplifies tunnel fabrication and removal/installation
  • Oil filled stator for superior cooling and protection
  • Robust centre shaft carries all propeller loads

Technical data

Thruster type TT PM 1600 TT PM 2000
Prop. dia (mm) 1600 2000
Tunnel dimensions (mm) 2180 2600
Thruster unit weight (kg) 7250 12217
Connections & mounts weight (kg) 1957 2540
Total dry weight (kg) 11730 18318
Power MCR (kw) 1000 1600
Max thrust (kN) 134 211
Propeller type Mono FP Mono FP
Hull mounting 8 x rubber bushings 8 x rubber bushings


permanent-magnet-thruster-installation-822x188 (1).jpg
TT-PM thrusters are resiliently mounted in the tunnel to minimise noise and vibration. Installation and removal can be carried out without drydocking the vessel.

Space saving installation

These two pictures illustrate the significant space savings delivered by PM technology.

Due to its symmetric design the permanent magnet tunnel thruster provides increased flexibility for the ship designer to achieve a more optimal and space-saving installation.

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