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Swing-up TCNS / TCNC azimuthing thruster

In operation, it functions as an azimuth thruster and is designed to develop maximum bollard pull in the manoeuvring condition, or to provide positioning power for station keeping.

Developed for maximum bollard pull for optimal manoeuvring

In the lowered position these thrusters act as azimuth thrusters, vectoring thrust in any desired direction for propulsion or station keeping. When raised it swings-up into a garage so that nothing extends below the ships baseline. Combi units swing-up into a specially shaped recess in the hull so it can function as a tunnel thruster in the raised position, and as an azimuth thruster when lowered. They also function well as a ‘get you home’ emergency propulsor. Available in powers from 880 to 3,000kW.


Key features

  • Provides added safety as a “get-you-home” drive.
  • Thruster swings up into a housing in the hull when not in use.
  • Can quickly be swung down into operation position.
  • Quick conversion from operational to stored thruster position.
  • Thruster is 360° rotatable.
  • Designed for max. bollard pull in manoeuvring condition, and can also be used in stand-by condition.
  • Available in CP and FP propeller.
  • Electric or direct diesel driven.
  • Can be delivered as containerised unit.

Technical data

Unit type Unit type TCNS/TCNC 73/50-180 TCNS/TCNC 92/62-220 TCNS/TCNC 120/85-280**
Max. power (kW) Max. power (kW) 880 2000* 3000
Input speed (rpm) Input speed (rpm) 1800 1800 720-750
Weight (kg) Thruster w/ steering gear 9500 17000 45000
Weight (kg) + Hull module 10000 17000 50000

** Delivery upon special request
* For electric drive only

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