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Mermaid Push podded propulsors

The push type of our podded propulsors provides excellent performance for applications requiring high thrust and reliability.

High trust and reliability

The Mermaid pushing pods are designed for low speed, high load and high bollard pull applications. Fitted with a hydrodynamically optimised nozzle for maximum efficiency, they enable offshore operators to utilise the full benefits of space saving electrical pod propulsion.


Key features

  • Power range 4 to 11MW
  • Induction or Synchronous motor
  • Excellent performance for applications requiring high thrust and reliability
  • Underwater mountable option for most hull designs
  • Choice of fixed pitch monobloc or bolted propeller

Technical data

Pod size 185 210
Bollard pull (MW) 4 - 8 7 - 12
Shaft speed (rpm) 110 - 190 105 - 160
Weight (t) 60 - 120 110 - 160
Prop. dia (m) 2.7 - 4.5 3.6 - 5.2
Bollard pull thrust (kN) 550 - 1250 950 - 1750
Speed (knots) Up to 16 Up to 16

Mermaid pod Push chart


Services and support

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