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K-Pos PM / DPM, Position Mooring System

The K-Pos PM system is designed specifically for moored vessel with optionally thruster/propeller assistance.

The K-Pos DPM system is designed specifically for moored and thruster positioned vessels. The DPM system integrates the two worlds of positioning as it covers functions for purely moored vessels, purely thruster/propeller positioned vessels, as well as a combination of these types of vessel.

The K-Pos PM and K-Pos DPM can be delivered in a variety of system configurations that are designed to meet requirements for different IMO Equipment classes and POSMOOR related notations from all major classification societies, e.g. DNVGL and ABS. The systems support two main types of mooring systems. Spread mooring used on drilling units and turret mooring mainly used on FPSO and FSRU.

Main features

  • Automatically monitors the vessel's overall mooring pattern, lengths and tensions of individual anchor lines.
  • Automatically monitors the vessel's position and heading relative to a reference position and heading.
  • Automatically controls the vessel's thruster systems to dampen vessel oscillations or to maintain the vessel's position.
  • Provides advice about anchor line length adjustments to optimise the mooring system or to move the vessel within the mooring system.
  • Detects and compensates for line breaks.
  •  Performs analysis of the consequences of anchor line breaks, power and/or thruster failures according to the operational situation.

See K-Pos DP for system configurations and DP related modes and functions.

Integration with other Kongsberg Maritime systems

The K-Pos DP control system can be interfaced to K-Chief, K-Thrust and K-Bridge via a dual Ethernet LAN. Integrating functionality for monitoring and control of a vessel provides a real benefit both technically and economically as integrated solutions leads to less demand for cabling and testing. The control systems delivered by Kongsberg Maritime will also achieve increased performance as the systems will share data and knowledge, making the total system more robust. The K-Pos DP control system can be interfaced to the K-IMS system on a separate single Ethernet LAN in order to share data and functionality with the decision support applications

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