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Large Scale Survey System (LSSS)

MAREC is a project initiated by the Institute of Marine Research and Christian Michelsen Research, both located in Bergen, Norway. The objective of MAREC is to make new software utilities for marine acoustics data commercially available.

The first software product from MAREC is the Large Scale Survey System (LSSS) (pronounced "L-triple-S"). This application is intended for the interpretation of data from multi-frequency echo sounders. It will provide its functions both in online mode offshore, as well as in post-processing mode onshore.


The LSSS is already regarded as the ideal tool for stock assessment and ecosystem monitoring. Fast automatic school detection and automatic school categorization make it possible to interpret data as they are collected, and thus optimize ongoing surveys in a dynamic manner. Raw data, as well as interpreted data, are stored in a flexible database that you can configure to meet your own requirements. In this way, large amounts of historic data can easily be made available for resource management and research purposes.

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