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Sub-bottom profiler, SBP 29

The SBP 29 is the new generation narrow beam, multibeam sub-bottom profiler, and the successor of SBP 120 and SBP 300. The SBP 29 is the sub-bottom profiler extension to the new generation EM 124/304 multibeam echo sounders.

The SBP 29 has new and improved technology, wider bandwidth 2 – 9 kHz and accordingly improved range resolution. The SBP 29 has significantly reduced beam widths compared to conventional sub-bottom profilers. This is obtained by one linear transmitter array mounted along the vessel keel, and one linear hydrophone array (shared with the EM 124/304) mounted orthogonal to the keel. The footprint of the transmitter array is wide acrosstrack and narrow alongtrack, whereas the opposite is the case for the receiver array. The combined beam pattern of the two arrays is a narrow beam.

The primary application of the SBP 29 is to do sub-bottom imaging of sediment layers and buried objects. The data can be stored as raw or in SEG-Y format.

Key features

  • High source level
  • Narrow beams giving improved penetration, cleaner data, and good angular resolution
  • Typically operated in parallel with the EM system, either synchronized or unsynchronized
  • Burst and multi-pulse modes to maintain a high ping rate in deep water
  • Composite echograms providing unique performance in sloping terrain

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