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Multibeam echosounder software

SIS 5 - The next generation acquisition software for all EM™-systems

Seafloor Information Systems (SIS 5) has been redesigned in order to improve both user experience and work processes. The modern window environment, menus and layout are more intuitive, helping the operator to work more efficiently. The new 3D displays handle all depths, even when displaying shallow water multibeams at maximum ping rate. The background maps are generated from GeoTIFF or S 57 charts using Web Map Services (WMS).

Terje Haga Pedersen explains and show new functionality in SIS 5.9.


SIS Remote

A single SIS installation can support multiple survey vessels simultaneously, and the EM system can be controlled from a remote location. The connection between the mother ship and the survey vessels is via a standard internet connection, such as KONGSBERG’s Marine Broadband Radio (MBR). This setup provides a reliable Internet connection for the surveyor on the mother ship to monitor and control the survey operation on each of the survey vessels from one operator station.

Setting up SIS Remote is simple, requiring only network configuration. SIS provides all the necessary infrastructure for reliable communication no matter which Internet provider is used, and can be configured to use fast or slow connections within any price range. For satellite connections the amout of data can be filtered to only send updates of the terrain model at regular intervals. This will still provide the operator with sufficient data to perform accurate quality control and provide survey guidance. Using the faster MBR allows the operator hands -on control of the survey in real time. Survey planning in SIS is available in the office and during the survey. The new design allows for easy planning and transfer of survey plans to the right vessel. The NMEA XTE (Cross-track offset) sentence can be sent to autopilot, aiding steering along the active line. Additional advanced import and export options are also available.

A separate Helmsman display gives a view of the survey operation and the active survey line. This display is intended for the bridge personnel while the survey operation is controlled elsewhere.

IS Remote, low bandwidth data transfer from ship to shore

SIS Remote, high bandwidth.

Extra detections in SIS 5. Orange squares are detected objects in the watercolumn in addition to detected depth.

Several ships doing surveys displayed together in SIS 5

  • IS Remote, low bandwidth data transfer from ship to shore

  • SIS Remote, high bandwidth.

  • Extra detections in SIS 5. Orange squares are detected objects in the watercolumn in addition to detected depth.

  • Several ships doing surveys displayed together in SIS 5

New logging format for easier post-processing

SIS supports .KMall, the KONGSBERG logging format used by all of our EM systems. This format makes it much easier to post-process the logged data as it contains already calculated latitude, longitude, depth, time and ellipsoidal height. With SIS comes a complete set of documentation in .html format and examples in C++ and Python showing how to read the .KMall files. Software developers find this useful as it shortens the development time considerably.

BLUE Insight

KONGSBERG has developed a Digital Ecosystem named Kognifai. Blue Insight is the solution which uses Kognifai to offer additional services in a cloud environment. Find out more

SIS 5 can send data to Blue Insight in real time, both remotely and during regular operation. Depending on the bandwidth and cost of the Internet connection, SIS 5 can be configured to send the right amount of data from the ship into Blue Insight in real time. Blue Insight is accessed through a web-browser so data can be processed and displayed anywhere on the Internet. Team collaboration and remote monitoring are now possible.

Technical Information

Tools provided by SIS 5

  • System configuration
    Define all lever-arms and installation angles for all sensors.
  • System calibration
    Calibrate the installation for optimal performance, if and when needed.
  • Real time Digital Terrain Model, DTM
    SIS continuously generates a DTM which can be compensated for tide effects. This gives the operator a high detailed 3D-view of the terrain as the surveys progresses. All depth points are also available in full resolution 3D display in real time.
  • System monitoring
    SIS monitors all sensor input in real time. Any faults or dropouts are immediately reported to the operator.
  • Survey planning
    The enhanched Planning module in SIS has been redesigned to allow single-click operations. This means that almost all commands can be carried out with the mouse only. Survey plans are easy to exchange between the office and the boat, or between several boats.
  • Background charts
    Both GeoTIFF files and WMTS server input can be used to display background maps in SIS.
  • Helmsman's Display
    A separate Helmsman's Display is provided. This can be show either on a second screen or on a separate computer close to the helmsman.
  • SIS Remote
    Monitor and control one or more EM™-systems from a remote location, on shore or on another ship.
  • Connect to Blue Insight
    Use Blue Insight to monitor the survey progress from all boats in near real time from anywhere on the Internet with the tools provided by Earth Analytic.

Licensed options to SIS

  • Water column logging (for EM 124, EM 302, EM 710, EM 712 and EM 2040).
  • SIS Remote

System Information

  • Operating systems supported: Windows 10 64-bits
  • Hardware supported: HWS
  • License control: By dongle connected to the USB port

Echo sounders supported

  • All EM™-systems

Services and support

  • 24/7 Technical support

    Our 24/7 technical support team is there to help at any time, day or night, wherever your vessel is.


    We understand the importance of having the right parts, available in the right place, at the right time.

  • Training

    Ensure that your crew is properly and thoroughly trained. This will reduce operational risk, downtime and maximise return on asset investment.