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Sensor systems for subsea monitoring

Based upon our own hydroacoustic technology and sensor carriers, we offer two main platforms for subsea monitoring; Stationary Sensor Networks and AUVs. Both platforms feature a scalable wireless sensor network where each sensor node is capable of carrying various sensors for monitoring and communication of sensor data.

Application areas

Kongsberg Maritime solutions for subsea monitoring are used for a wide range of applications within the following segments:

  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Marine renewables
  • Deep Sea minerals exploration
  • Coastal infrastructure monitoring
  • Ocean observatories, oceanographic, metocean and research applications
  • Arctic applications
  • Underwater noise measurement

Kongsberg Maritime operates in close collaboration with customers to develop instruments and solutions that support challenging applications. Our solutions can play a vital part to support further understanding of the oceans and marine life in them, and to help protect this delicate environment.

Life-cycle operation

The offshore Oil & Gas industry has a duty to care for how they treatment the oceans and are working hard to reduce negative environmental impact. Our solutions are designed to support the industry and are built to operate during the whole life-cycle of a field:

  • Pre-installation survey and baseline studies before activities
  • Construction and installation
  • Drilling, production and daily operation
  • Decommissioning and survey

Our monitoring solutions are a natural part of mandatory impact assessment strategies and can cover the entire life-cycle of a field. They provide Real Time Monitoring, so you always have live data about your operations at hand. Real Time Monitoring is an important tool for making your operations more effective.