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Single Beam Echo Sounders

Our EA Series of single beam echo sounders use Microsoft Windows based operating software. Basic operation is made using a track ball. A comprehensive operator manual is available as online help, always there when you need it. All echo sounder data can be stored data as files: bitmap, sample, data (for replay) or depth data.

Hydrographic operator station

Two Hydrographic Operator Stations - HOS are available. The HOS 152 and 192 are identical except for their screen sizes, and have been specially designed to interface with single-beam echo sounders. The operator station has factory installed Microsoft Windows operating system including multilingual user interface, in addition to the EA singlebeam echo sounder software.

EA RDS - Remote control software for EA 600

The EA RDS Remote Display System is a remote control viewer for use with the EA 600 single beam hydrographic echo sounder. The software is designed to display a real-time echogram from the host computer, and the data can be sent to one or more computers by means of a network.


  • A wide range of available frequencies
  • Transducers are sidelooking transducers
  • Sound velocity compensation
  • Side-looking
  • Sub-bottom expansion
  • Easy integration of third party software
  • Complete operation station with software and interface possibilities