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GeoSwath Compact Survey Vessel

The Kongsberg GeoSwath Compact Survey Vessel has been designed to survey shallow coastal and inland waterways quickly, using a powerful and manoeuvrable two-person catamaran equipped with the latest GeoSwath 4 shallow water multibeam system.

The vessel uses a 30 HP outboard motor and is road transportable on a lightweight trailer meaning that launch and recovery can be made in the remotest of locations. With a draft of only 0.35 metres and a dry weight of just 120kg the vessel can operate in extreme environments and utilising a full GeoSwath 4R system it can map bathymetry and geo referenced side scan in minutes.


Fully equipped

The vessel is fully equipped with VHF radio and is coastguard approved for use at sea with an International Marine Certificate. The GeoSwath system is mounted on a retractable pole with pre-installed motion sensor, GPS heading & position system and sound velocity sensor. The operator uses a console mounted ruggedised laptop to plan and control the survey.


By design the vessel is effective in a wide range of shallow survey applications. Its shallow draft, high top speed and maneuverability combined with the stability of a catamaran hull make it ideal for use in both marine surveys and on canals, river and lakes. The ability to steer tight survey grids and quickly get from launch site to survey location and back makes it a fast and accurate addition to the surveyor’s portfolio.


The craft is light enough to be launched by one person, and all the instrument controls, communication systems and survey operating tools are ergonomically designed so that everything can be accessed from the helmsman’s position.


Just launch the vessel, quickly arrive on site, complete the survey and back to base.

No Calibration required

The GeoSwath 4R system uses a ruggedised laptop and all the sensors and transducers are connected to the splash proof interface secured in the instrument locker. The system is pre-calibrated so that the survey operation can commence immediately on arrival, and no time is wasted running additional survey lines.



  • Road transportable
  • Fully equipped
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Speed
  • No Calibration required

Vessel specifications

  • Weight : 182 kg (400 lbs)
  • Length : 3.0 metres (9.8 ft)
  • Width : 1.62 metres (5.3 ft)
  • Draft : 0.35 metres (14 inches)
  • Dry weight, hull, base boat : 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • Construction : Polythene catamaran
  • Fittings : All stainless steel
  • Motor : 30 HP, remote throttle
  • Max speed : 27 knots
  • Fuel capacity : 31 litres (8 gallons)
  • Crew capacity : 2 persons

Services and support

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  • Training

    Ensure that your crew is properly and thoroughly trained. This will reduce operational risk, downtime and maximise return on asset investment.

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