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EM 2040P MKII Multibeam echosounder, Max.550m


The EM 2040P MKII is a shallow water multibeam echo sounder based on the EM 2040 technology, an ideal tool for any high resolution mapping and inspection application. With EM 2040 MKII series we upgrade the hardware and software to increase the swath and improve the data quality of our EM 2040 series.

The system fulfils, and even surpasses, the IHO-S44 special order and the more stringent LINZ specification.

The operating frequency range is from 200 to 400 kHz. The operator can on the fly choose the best operating frequency for the application: 300 kHz for near bottom, 200 kHz for deeper waters and 400 kHz for very high resolution inspection. Due to the very large operating bandwidth available, the system will have an output sample rate up to 60 kHz. The system can effectively operate with very short pulse lengths. The shortest pulse is 14 microseconds, which gives a raw range resolution (cτ/2) of 10.5 mm.

By utilizing both CW and FM chirp pulses, the system can achieve a much longer range capability with a high resolution. The maximum depth range in cold ocean water is 600 m at 200 kHz with a swath with up to 830 m. The angular coverage for the 200 and 300 kHz is up to 170 degrees, with coverage up to 7.5 times water depth on a flat bottom. For the 400 kHz mode the angular coverage is 120 degrees. As an option the EM 2040P MKII can be delivered with the dual swath capability, allowing a sufficient sounding density along track at a high vessel speed.


The basic EM 2040P MKII has three units: A sonar head, a processing unit and a workstation. The sonar head has bumpers in the corners of the face of the transducer to protect it if it is placed on deck, and it has carrying handles on the sides. The EM 2040P MKII can be delivered with the standard processing unit or with a splash proof (24 VDC) portable processing unit. For completeness, data input from a motion sensor and a positioning system is required. As is the sound speed profile of the water column between the transducer and the bottom. Sound speed at the transducer depth is now available fully integrated in the sonar head with AML's latest generation SVT sensor, made of monolithic titanium, providing high accuracy and easy re-calibration in a rugged package.

Optionally, the sonar head can be delivered with mounts for motion sensor and sound speed sensor, factory aligned for ease of mounting. All electronics are contained in the sonar head which is interfaced to the processing unit via GBit Ethernet. The processing unit also supplies 48 V power via the same cable. Operator control, data quality inspection and data storage is handled by the hydrographic workstation running SIS software or by 3rd party software.


EM 2040P MKII transducer, front and rear view.

Features (standard)

  • Very high resolution
  • Wide frequency range
  • Short pulse lengths and large bandwidth
  • FM chirp
  • Roll, pitch and yaw stabilisation
  • Nearfield focussing - both on transmit and receive
  • Water column data
  • Seabed image
  • Depth rated to 30m
  • Easy to install

Features (optional)

  • Water column logging
  • Extra detections
  • Dual Swath
  • AML's latest generation SVT sensor

Realtime software

Kongsberg Maritime software

Third party software

Post processing software

Third party software

Note: KONGSBERG is not responsible for any system malfunction caused by 3rd party software.

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