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Simrad DFS75 System description

A real-time video feed from the trawl has long been desired by fishermen and researchers alike. Cabling and slip-rings have been the issue. One of the primary design criteria of the Simrad FX80/DFS75 system was to make it work on existing 3rd wire cables. We have achieved this goal using copper core coax cables. The use of existing copper core coax cables eases the cost and reduces the installation time.

The Simrad DFS75 Trawl sonar is integrated into the Simrad FX80 system to establish an efficient and accurate monitoring system for your gear and your catch. The combination of the high resolution images from the trawl sonar and the live video feed provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to identify and analyse both trawl movements and fish behaviour.

The entire Simrad FX80/DFS75 system - with live video and high resolution sonar - is controlled from a standard Processor Unit provided by Simrad. It is small, but yet powerful, and contains no moving parts. The system design will allows you to use two displays. Many users prefer this configuration, as it allows them to use one display system for the trawl sonar presentations, and another for the live video feed.


A typical DFS75 display presentation is shown. Two views are provided, an Sounder view on the left hand side (A), and a Vertical view on the right hand side (B). In this example, the Vertical view is set to presentation mode Net opening. This example has been made in Playback mode with previously recorded data. For this reason, certain presentation elements are not shown. The menu options also reflect the chosen operational mode.

A: Sounder view - You can change the size of each view by clicking the border line between them and move it sideways.

B: Vertical view - In order to do changes in a view, you need to ‘activate’ it. To do that, click once in the view, or click the View button at the top of several menus.

C: Menu - A large menu system is offered to maintain full control of the DFS75 operation. Choose which menu to use by clicking the tabs at the right hand side. Note that the parameters provided by certain menus depend on the current view and presentation mode.

D: Trawl Deployment Unit - This is a real-time presentation of the DFS75 Trawl Deployment Unit movements and behaviour.

E: Trawl Deployment Unit sensors - The DFS75 Trawl Deployment Unit holds sensors to record its depth and movements, as well as the ambient temperature.

F: Catch monitoring sensors - If Simrad catch monitoring sensors are used with the DFS75 system, the information from these sensors are provided here.

G: Operational mode and help - The System button provided allows you to choose operational mode. The Help button opens the on-line help.

H: Recording toolbar - A dedicated toolbar is provided to allow fast access to key functions related to recording and playback. To enable the toolbar, click Rec.Toolbar on the Display menu.

Status bar and Message Log - When enabled, a dedicated toolbar is provided to allow fast access to key functions related to navigation markers. To enable the toolbar, click Status bar on the View menu. The Message Log will – when opened – place itself at the bottom of the DFS75 presentation. To open (and close) the Message Log, click Message Log on the View menu.