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Valve Activity

Provides a list with statistical data for each valve with info such as Open/Close/Fail (with rates), Travel time (max/min/avg) and activation context.

Valve Activity consists of three sections for presentation of data for selected timespan. All views have pdf and Excel export function.

Overview – Summary

Lists each configured valve with last critical operation (safe position) and statistical data on open fail rate and close fail rate.

If expanded, all occurrences for valve is displayed with info on:

  • Date and time for event.
  • Status for event (Close, Open, Loopfault, Error etc.).
  • Context (ESD, PSD, Manual etc.).
  • Activation Delay - time from Activation until valve start moving.
  • Travel time - time from valve start moving until end position reached.
  • Command time – Activation Delay + Travel time.
  • Configured travel time(s) – Travel time configured on valve in SAS.

It is also possible to view Details (events) on each occurrence.

Overview – Details

Presents a report listing all valves with number of successful, fail, slow and unverified open/close commands, in addition to feedback fails without valve operation. It also provides information on configured, max and average open/close time on selected timespan.

Screenshot of Valve Activity - Overview - Details tab
Screenshot of Valve Activity - Overview - Details tab

In both overview sections, there are predefined filters for following in addition standard portal sorting/filter tool in columns:

  • Valves that have failed
  • Valves that have not been operated
  • Valves that operated OK


Lists all valve operations for configured valves for selected timespan, with info on what kind of operation, context, activation delay, travel time, command time and configured travel time. Has predefined filters on Context and Status, in addition to tag mask and standard portal sorting/filter tool in columns. It is also possible to view Details (events) on each occurrence.

Screenshot of Valve Activity - Operations
Screenshot of Valve Activity - Operations

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