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Shutdown Verification

Creates a report for every Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Process Shutdown (PSD) or Fire & Gas (F&G) event. The report is created per shutdown level, and are based on the configuration in the safety system

The Shutdown Verification creates a report that verifies all actions in an initiated safety shutdown are performed according to the Cause and Effect (C&E) logic and that the outputs end up in a safe state. It can also verify that all equipment connected to the shutdown outputs end up in a safe state. Configuration/updates is done automatically by reading the C&E logic from the control system, so no extra C&E configuration is needed for this application.

Screenshot of  Shutdown Verification Report details
Screenshot of Shutdown Verification Report details

If all outputs are activated correctly, the report is automatically approved by the system. If logged in with sufficient user rights, the user can add comments, set test status and approve the report manually. The shutdown report shows the details for each shutdown and indicates activation, feedback and module mode status.

Screenshot of  Shutdown Verification PDF export
Screenshot of Shutdown Verification PDF export

The shutdown report consists of several sections:

  • Overview
  • Cause and effect diagram
  • Comments
  • Logic cause and field cause relations
  • Logic effect and field effect relations
  • Raw events
  • Export of overview to Excel/pdf
  • Export (single or multiples) reports to pdf

Possible to include as tab in shift report showing all the shutdowns initiated during the shift.

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