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Fleet View

The Fleet View application gives the user a quick and accurate overview of the fleet. All vessels in the fleet are shown on a simple world map. A pre-defined set of KPI’s are shown in a performance matrix with traffic light indication.

The Fleet View application allows the user to gather all the important vessel information in an easily understandable and intuitive matrix that enables fast comparison between vessels in a fleet. The matrix includes functionality for sorting and filtering on KPI’s. Key performance indicators are readily available and updated continuously with high frequency data. The KPI’s can be configured with traffic light indication on user request.

Fleet View Vessel details expanded (2nd row displaying more details on a selected vessel)
Fleet View Vessel details expanded (2nd row displaying more details on a selected vessel)

The KPI matrix is divided into two levels. The top level is reserved for the most important KPI’s, while the sub level allows for additional information.

The Fleet View application also features a simple map to display ship position and heading. The map also includes the ECA (Emission Control Area) zones.

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