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Gas generating set, Bergen C26:33L

The C26:33-series engine is a simple and robust design with a reduced number of components.

The Rolls-Royce Bergen C-series has a simple and robust design with a reduced number of components. A lean-burn engine operates on the Otto cycle with mixture compression and an external ignition source. A rich gas/air mix in a pre-combustion chamber is ignited and forms a strong ignition source for the very lean mixture in the cylinder for knock-free combustion.


This allows the cylinder power to be greatly increased with high efficiency and reduce emissions. The engine platform offers 243-270 kW per cylinder in a compact and modern design. In-line engines are offered in 6, 8 and 9 cylinder configuration spanning a power range from 1,460 kW to 2,430 kW.

Key features

  • Compact and powerful
  • Exceptionally low emissions of of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulate
  • Low energy consumption
  • Service friendly
  • Optimum response at all engine load points (Variable Turbo Geometry)
  • Super silent resilient mounting
  • Table frequency

Technical data

Engine type C26:33L6AG C26:33L8AG C26: 33L9AG
Number of cylinders 6 8 9
Engine speed r/min 900/1000 900/1000 900/1000
Frequency hz 60/50 60/50 60/50
Mean piston speed m/s 10/11 10/11 10/11
Max. continuous rating (MCR) kW 1460/1620 1940/2160 2190/2430
Max. Continuous rating aging, (η = 0.96) kW 1401/1555 1840/2050 2102/2332
Max. continuous rating altern, (Cos Ф = 0.8) kVA 1751/1943 2300/2563 2627/2915
Max. continuous rating altern, (Cos Ф = 0.9) kVA 1556/1727 2044/2278 2335/2591
Mean effective pressure (BMEP) bar 18.5 18.5 18.5
Specific energy consumption g/kWh 7450/7500 7450/7500 7450/7500
Specific lubricating oil consumption g/kWh 0.4 0.4 0.4
Cooling water temp. engine outlet °C 90 90 90


Principle dimensions

Cylinder diameter 260mm. Piston stroke 330mm.
Engine type A B C D E Engine Weights dry alternator Total
C26:33L6AG 2835 4176 7011 2304 3161 22605kg 11300kg 33905kg
C26:33L8AG* 2835 4936 7771 2304 3161 31520kg 11300kg 42820kg
C26: 33L9AG 2835 5316 8151 2304 3161 34720kg 11300kg 46020kg


Services and support

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  • Training

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