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Bergen B36:45L propulsion

Choose Rolls-Royce Bergen engines for cost-effective operation

The Bergen B-series is based on a modular design, which gives a flexible platform and at the same time carries forward the Bergen traditional values as a robust and reliable engine.

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The selection of technology was done after consulting a broad range of operators, designers and shipbuilders, to establish the qualities they prize in an engine. This engine series was first introduced to the market in 2014 as a diesel engine, and the gas version followed in 2018. It is available in several in-line or Vee cylinder variants for both diesel and gas, and is equally suitable for mechanical transmission or as a marine generating set.

Main benefits for ship yards:

  • Easy installation
  • Aligned piping at pump-end for easy connection
  • New resilient mounting (no need of welding brackets)

Main benefits for ship owners:

  • IMO Tier III compliant without SCR
  • Single fuel = single bunkering
  • No lubricating oil separator needed
  • Fast load response
  • Cleaner engine room and no smoke emission
  • Extremely low methane slip at all engine loads
  • Cylinder Pressure Monitoring (CPM) for improved load control, and possibility for diagnostics per cylinder
  • Exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulate
  • No “switch over” problems - ref ECA or port regulations
  • Long-term compliance with local port regulations and potential benefits from taxation/green port dues
  • VVT – Variable Valve Timing for optimum response and load increase
  • Gas safe (double wall piping)
  • Possible conversion from gas to diesel and vice versa
  • Wastegate turbocharger to ensure optimised fuel/air ratio at varying ambient conditions for lean-burn operation


ENGINE TYPE B36:45L6P B36:45L8P B36:45L9P
Number of cylinders 6 8 9
Engine speed r/min 750 750 750
Mean piston speed m/s 11.2 11.2 11.2
Max.cont rating (MCR) kW 3600 4800 5400
Mean effective pressure (BMEP) bar 21 21 21
Specific energy consumption kJ/kWh 7420 7420 7420
Specific lubricating oil consumption g/kWh 0.4 0.4 0.4
Cooling water temp. engine outlet oC 90 90 90

The performance data is based on: Marine gas engine ratings are according to ISO 3046-1, at maximum 45°C ambient air temperature and maximum 32°C sea water temperature. Specific fuel gas consumption given at 100% load and no engine driven pumps, running on natural gas with Methane number above 70 and net calorific value of 36 MJ/nm3.To include 3 engine driven pumps, add 1.3% for each pump. Gas feed temperature is 20-40°C. Minimum gas feed pressure to Gas Regulating Unit to be 5,5 barg.
Waste heat recovery: Necessary data for arranging waste heat recovery plants (exhaust gas and cooling water) are available upon request.
Note: Due to continuous development, some data may be changed without notice.

B36:45L6P 4600 5630 3890 2380 1354 2138 1350 42400 kg
B36:45L8A 5640 6800 4160 2665 1354 2138 1350 53500 kg
B36:45L9A 6160 73200 4170 2665 1370 2138 1360 56400 kg

*Weight dry engine excludes transport foundation.

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