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Diesel engine, Bergen B33:45

Based on a top modern, modularised design the B33:45 range sets a new industry standard in terms of fuel efficiency, low emission and low life cycle cost.

Defined by our customers

The Bergen B33:45 gas range carries forward the Rolls-Royce Bergen engine family into a new era. The engine platform offers 600 kW per cylinder in a compact, modularized engine design. The new engine portfolio offers industry leading energy consumption and emission figures.

Our Bergen B33:45 diesel engine shares many of the design features and commonality on many engine components such as the engine block and crankshaft. This allows the flexibility to convert from gas to diesel, or vice versa, depending on our customers need.

In-line engines are offered in 6, 8 and 9 cylinder configurations, spanning a power range from 3,600 kW to 5,400 kW. The V-engine is available as 12, 16 and 20 cylinder configurations with a power range from 7,200 kW to 12,000 kW.

Key features

  • Reliable power
  • Highly efficient fuel and lubricating oil consumption
  • IMO Tier II and Tier III compliant (with SCR)
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Load-dependent maintenance schedule
  • Fast load response
  • Low vibration / structural noise level
  • Full equipment health monitoring


Engine type B33:45L6P  B33:45L7P* B33:45L8P B33:45L9P B33:45V12
Number of cylinders 6  7 8 9 12
Engine speed r/min 750  750 750 750 750
Mean piston speed m/s 11.25  11.2 11.25 11.25 11.25
Max. continuous rating (MCR) kW 3600  4200 4800 5400 7200
Mean effective pressure (BMEP) bar 25  25 25 25 25
Specific fuel consumption (SFOC) g/kWh 175  175 175 175 176
Specific lubricating oil consumption g/kWh 0.5  0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Cooling water temp. engine outlet °C 90  90 90 90 90


Engine ratings are according to ISO 3046/1. The above figures are based on conditions at maximum 45°C ambient air temperature and maximum 32°C sea water temperature. SFOC is based on MDO with a net calorific value of 42.7 MJ/kg and no engine driven pumps, at 85% engine load. At 100% engine load the SFOC will be 177 g/kWh. If engine driven pumps are attached, please add 1 g/kwh for each engine driven pump. * Subject to approval prior to sale.

Cylinder diameter 330mm. Piston stroke 450mm.
Engine type A B C D Weights
dry engine (kg)
B33:45L6P 4535 5622 3892 2227 40500
B33:45L7P* 5055 6142 3892 2227 47500
B33:45L8P 5575 6662 4039 2320 52100
B33:45L9P 6095 7182 4039 2320 63200
B33:45V12 5410 6867 4544 3138 74300


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