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Wireless temperature monitoring for moving parts

SENTRY is a wireless Temperature System used to measure temperature in rotating/ moving parts. SENTRY is used in large combustion engines, compressors and other machinery.

Crank pin bearings and crosshead bearings in diesel engines can experience rapid temperature changes during damage development. SENTRY is designed to monitor the temperature in these bearings, and to give immediate temperature response to the monitoring system, avoiding fatal damaging of the engine. It replaces the traditional oil mist measuring method.

Crank bearings are prone to damage

Statistics from DNV show that 14% of all damages to medium speed engines are caused by faults to the crank bearing. For high-speed engines the figure increases to 17 %.

Sentry gives immediate temperature response

Crank bearings/crosshead bearings in combustion engines can experience rapid temperature changes during damage development. The SENTRY wireless temperature sensor system is designed to give immediate temperature response in order to avoid or reduce damages.

Functional description

Due to the nature of the wireless technology used in the SENTRY system, there is great flexibility in arranging sensor and antenna both with respect to gap, angle and lateral position between sensor and antenna. The measurement system is based on radar technology with passive sensors without need of an external power source. A low energy and high frequency radar pulse is transmitted to a SENTRY GBW (Wireless Sensor) via a SENTRY GBS (Stationary Antenna). When the sensor passes the antenna, the radar pulse is picked up by the sensor and reflected back to the SENTRY GBP (Signal Processing Unit, SPU). The shape and characteristics of the reflected pulse determine the temperature of the sensor tip, i.e. the bearing temperature. The SPU software calculates the temperature and transmits this to the engine control and monitoring system.

Main Features

  • Immediate and reliable temperature response.
  • Significantly reduced false alarm rate and risk of engine breakdown.
  • Flexible mounting, compact and easy installation.
  • No active electronics in sensor, no battery, no slip rings.
  • Stand-alone or fully integrated with the alarm monitoring system.

Main Benefits

  • Significantly reduced risk of unforeseeable repair costs.
  • Improved operational safety for crew and vessel.
  • Compact and simple installation.
  • Continuously measuring temperature of the bearings for fast response time.
  • Proven and reliable technology.
  • Passive components in sensor, no battery required.

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