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Simrad FM90 System Units

System Units

Processor Unit

A dedicated maritime computer is provided with the FM90 Multibeam Trawl Sonar. The Processor Unit is normally mounted on the bridge.

The FM90 Processor Unit is a rugged and powerful computer. It is designed for long life in a demanding maritime environment. It contains the operational software, and offers the user interface that allows you to control the FM90. It also controls the interface to peripheral devices.

The Processor Unit is based on the Microsoft® 64-bit Windows 7 operating system.


Power/VDSL Unit

The Power/VDSL Unit includes both the power supply and the modem required to communicate with the Sonar Head in one box.

This unit provides power to the Sonar Head and aids communication between the Sonar Head and the Processor Unit. The Power/VDSL Unit connects to the Processor Unit and the Sonar Head with an Ethernet cable. The Power/VDSL Unit must be mounted on top of the bridge console or recessed and flush mounted into the bridge console.


Trawl Unit

The Trawl Unit is made up of several components, including the Sonar Head, enclosed in a Deployment Pack.

In addition to the FM90 Sonar Head, the Trawl Unit includes the third-wire extension whip and hydrophone(s). Mounting shackles on the Deployment Pack aid in attaching the Trawl Unit to the net. An access panel provides easy access to the third-wire whip and strain-relief block, minimizing the need to open the Deployment Pack.

The Trawl Unit contains an aft-looking catch hydrophone to communicate with your catch monitoring sensors. An optional forward-looking PI hydrophone communicates with sensors mounted on the trawl door, if you have any. The Trawl Unit is attached to the third wire, which carries sonar data to the Processor Unit.