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Simrad FM90 How to order

How to order
To order this product, or any of the optional items provided with it, contact your local dealer. If you do not have a regular dealer, a list of all our distributors and dealers can be found on this website.

Distributors and dealers

You dealer will also be able to help you with a detailed quotation providing price and delivery information.

Order Numbers

Product Order number In the box
Processor Unit 901-10360000 Computer
USB drive
FM90 software
Power/VDSL Unit 901-60300001 Power/VDSL Unit
10-foot Ethernet patch cable
Power cord
Self-tapping screws (for mounting to a console or screwing to the floor)
Third-wire installation kit
50-foot test cable
Third-wire adapter whip (only used if you need the option of connecting to a Telemetry Translation Module)
Sonar Head 922-20150001 FM90 Sonar installation kit (extra anodes, fasteners, and dummy plugs for connectors)
Extension whip (for easy connection to the third wire)
Aft-looking hydrophone (for PI/PX fish sensor reception)
FM90 Sonar Head
Deployment Pack 974-80230000 Lower shell (black)
Upper shell (yellow)
Dome (black)
Cable cover (black)
Cable strain relief kit (cable strain relief block and fasteners)
Hardware kit (fasteners to assemble deployment pack)

Note that an installation checklist must be completed prior to order acceptance to ensure that your vessel infrastructure is ready to accept this high-performance equipment. The FM90 uses a high-speed telemetry link that requires the cabling on board your vessel to be in excellent condition with potential noise sources located as far as possible from the FM90 wiring.