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Simrad SX90 System diagram

The Simrad SX90 fishery sonar is an advanced instrument for efficient fish finding.

The systems units are typically installed on the bridge and in a sonar room. The main communication line between the bridge units and the Transceiver Unit in the sonar room is a single (or dual) Ethernet cable.

The Simrad SX90 Fish Finding Sonar comprises the following units:


1. Processor Unit
2. Display Unit
3. Operating Panel
4. Power Supply for Operating Panel
5. Transceiver Unit
6. Motor Control Unit
7. Hull Unit
8. Transducer

The Processor Unit is a powerful computer in a ruggedized cabinet. It is designed for maritime use.

In a typical installation, only the display and the operating panel are visible. The computer and the small power supply for the operating panel are mounted in suitable cabinets or inside consoles.

Note that SX90 sonars delivered before January 2010 were dual PC systems.