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Simrad SX90 System description

The Simrad SX90 is a long range omnidirectional low frequency fishery sonar.

The Simrad SX90 is a low frequency, high-definition; long range fishery sonar using a high-end maritime computer to process data from the transducer. User selectable frequencies between 20 and 30 kHz provide longer range and prevent interference from other vessels.

With the large data capacity in the signal processor, there are several unique possibilities for beamforming. Three different vertical beamwidths, single or dual vertical view and 180° tiltable vertical views are available. At 30 kHz operating frequency, the vertical beamwidth is only 6,7 degrees.

In this screen capture, the SX90 sonar has detected Horse Mackerel close to the bottom. In the vertical view (bottom left corner) the school is clearly shown very close or even at the bottom. In the horizontal view the school is easily seen even though it is practically sitting on the bottom.

The Simrad SX90 is designed for medium and large sized fishing vessels, preferably for purse seiners, but it is also well suitable for trawlers. The sonar allows you to choose an operational frequency between 20 to 30 kHz (in 1 kHz steps), and the beam can be electronically tilted from +10 to -60 degrees.

The sonar offers unique features such as full circle beam stabilization for easier fish detection in poor weather and 11 different sonar operating frequencies to avoid interference from other sonars. The long range and higher definition of the SX90 will improve your catching abilities and help to make better use of your time at sea.

Great emphasis has been placed on giving the best possible overview in the search and catch situation. In addition, full screen echo presentation, scalable windows, off center, zoom and dual operation are standard functions on all sonar models. You can evaluate one school while tracking two other targets, giving you full control of schools and net from detection to catch.

The signal processing and beamforming is performed in a fast digital signal processing system using the full dynamic range of the signals. In addition to the traditional single frequency transceiver system, the Simrad SX90 Fish finding sonar contains an advanced frequency modulated filter system (FM).

The cylindrical multi-element transducer allows the omnidirectional sonar beam to be tilted electronically down to -60 degrees. This allows you to automatically track schools of fish, and to observe the whole water volume around the vessel. A stabilization system is included for electronic pitch and roll compensation.