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Simrad SX90 Old Dual computer

Note that the dual computer system described on this page was made obsolete in 2009.

This dual computer system was put to use when the SX90 was first released, and retired early 2009. The computer system is still supported, but will not be used on new systems.

The first generation computers used on the Simrad SX90 were two high performance computers. One computer did the beamforming, the other did data processing and system operations.

Both the Processor Unit and the Beamformer Unit were powerful high-end computers mounted in two identical ruggedized maritime cabinets. The communication between the computers was handled with a single Ethernet cable.


Power specifications

  • Power requirements: 115 Vac or 230 Vac

Physical specifications

  • Width (including shock absorbers): 452 mm
  • Height (including shock absorbers): 267 mm
  • Depth (including latches): 410 mm