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Simrad SU90 How to order

To order this product, or any of the optional items provided with it, contact your local dealer. If you do not have a regular dealer, a list of all our distributors and dealers can be found here:

You dealer will also be able to help you with a detailed quotation providing price and delivery information.

Order numbers

Product Order number In the box
SU90 Processor Unit 382924 Computer
Power supply for the Operating Panel
Serial line adapter
Power cable
User documentation
SU90 Transceiver Unit 381908 Transceiver Unit
SU90 Operating Panel SH8–203593 Operating panel
Mounting hardware
Interface cables to computer


Hull unit with transducer

Product Order number In the box
Hull unit SU92
1200 mm lowering depth
373017 Hull unit
Hull unit SU93
1600 mm lowering depth
373018 Hull unit

You will only need one of these options. Choose hull unit option depending on your requirements and the size of your vessel.


Optional items

Product Order number In the box
Mounting trunk 376655 Mounting trunk
Blind flange