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Simrad ES80 Maintenance - anti-fouling paints

Approved anti-fouling paints

This is our list of approved antifouling paints for sonar and echo sounder transducers. Always refer to the manufacturer's documentation and data sheets for a complete procedure and for relevant safety information.

Important information:

  • Do not paint the transducer with traditional hull plating paint. Use only the correct type of approved paint specified by Simrad.
  • Do not use metal tools on the transducer.
  • Do not use a high pressure washer on the transducer.


Address: P.O.Box 2021, N-3248 Sandefjord, Norway
Primer: Safeguard Universal ES
Apply 80 µm wet film thickness (50 µm dry film thickness).
Paint: Sea Quantum Ultra S
Apply 250 µm wet film thickness (125 µm dry film thickness).
Data sheets and application guides can be downloaded from:

International Marine Coatings

Address: Stoneygate Lane, Felling, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE10 0JY, United Kingdom
Intersleek 1100SR
Primer: Intersleek 737, Apply 50 µm dry film thickness
Paint: Intersleek 1100SR, Apply 150 µm dry film thickness
Intersmooth 360 Ecoloflex SPC
Micron Extra

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