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Simrad PX MultiCatch

The Simrad PX MultiCatch is a simpler version of the PX Universal, the compact multi purpose wireless catch monitoring sensor for all types of fishing gears.

The Simrad PX MultiCatch is provided in three different versions:

  • PX MultiCatch
  • PX MultiCatch Depth/Temperature (D/T)
  • PX MultiCatch Catch/Temperature (C/T)

The version is defined by the type of sensor lid. The basic version of the sensor has a neutral lid. It can make the following measurements:

  • Roll and Pitch
  • Battery status

In order to receive the information from the sensor you need a suitable receiver (PI or SR Series), one or more hydrophones, as well as a computer running the Simrad TV80 or Simrad PI50 programs.

You can use all our PI Hydrophones. You can even use non-Simrad types, provided that the communication frequency match.

By default, the sensor can make two measurements. To add additional measurements you must buy a dedicated license. The license allows you to make up to five measurements simultaneously.

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