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Charging the catch monitoring sensor

The catch monitoring sensors must be charged between operations.

Each sensor is equipped with a custom made Li-Ion battery package. With this battery, the sensor offers significantly longer operation when compared with previous generations of Simrad sensors.

The sensor is charged using the PX Charger. This charger is provided with a special plug that prevents shortcuts or incorrect connections. Charging is fully automatic. When the sensor is fully charged, the charging current is limited to ensure long battery life.

Recommended charging temperature is between +5 and +45°C (+41 to +113°F).


The battery charger is designed especially for charging this sensor battery, and it must only be used for this purpose

The sensor must never be charged at temperatures below 0°C (32°F). A built-in safety mechanism will protect the sensor if you attempt to charge it in sub-zero temperatures.bm012229-100_0500_web_px_sensor_battery_charging.png