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Gyro Compass MGC R1

The MGC R1 COMPASS system is IMO type approved as a gyro compass for navigation purposes for use together with a heading and bearing repeater. Very high reliability is achieved by using Ring Laser Gyros with no rotational or mechanical wear-out parts.

Typical applications

The system can be operated as an inertial navigation system as well as a gyro compass with output of position and heading. Linear position and velocity measurements can then be output in up to four different points on the vessel.


• 0.05° roll and pitch accuracy
• 0.2° heading accuracy GNSS aided
• No rotational or mechanical wear-out parts
• Outputs on RS-422 and Ethernet
• High output data rate (200 Hz).
• Small size, light weight and low power consumption
• IMO type approved
• Each MGC delivered with Calibration Certificate
• Selectable communication protocols in the configuration software

Services and support

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